About us

Our name and logo

[tree], of a tree

1. trunk, tree, plant
2. Symbol of life and family
3. Raw material used in our workshop



Our history

Friends since adolescence, lovers for a few years and now business partners together, we abandoned our old careers to do what we really love, being wood craftsmen.

We were happy in our jobs until the pandemic, added to the illness of a loved one, challenged us on our philosophy of life. At that time, we had already developed a great interest in woodworking with Daniel, Kathleen's father, who has been a cabinetmaker for over 40 years. What should have been our retirement project then quickly became our life project.

Epicurean in nature, always on the lookout for new culinary discoveries and local products, it then became obvious to us that we wanted to create furniture that would bring people together around a good drink and a good food! Since then, our product line has expanded to more than just dining tables. We work with solid wood in all its forms to make unique creations. 

 Kathleen & David