Personalize your solid wood table

Here are our customization options for our tables. The possibilities are numerous and we can also make tailor-made projects. We will make a call/meet to discuss your project in detail.


The Silky - For a more modern and contemporary look, we suggest the silky texture (smooth finish). The boards of your furniture will then be evenly planed and sanded.

the rural - Our speciality! The Rurale is a balance between the Silky and the Barbarian. It is the harmony between a smooth and scuffed finish. 

To the Barbarians - This finish is ideal for giving a more rustic touch to your decor. We will largely keep the defects of the boards as well as its unevenness for a more damaged appearance. We also add intentional saw marks for a graffiti look. 




Right - Table cut in rectangular shape with light sanding to soften the edges.

With border - Addition of a border around the table which will give a thickness effect to the table varying between 2 and 4 inches.

Faux "Live Edge" - Contour mechanically worked to follow the natural curve of the wood.

Naturel "Live Edge" - Live edge style outline, you will see the tree slice on the table outline. Without bark to avoid the disintegration of the table. (+200$)



We offer the possibility of adding a tint to the color of the natural wood. We generally work with maple from Quebec whose pale color allows us to offer a wide variety of stains. We work almost exclusively with Rubio finishing products which is a high quality and durable product.


The paws

simple style steel - Steel legs and possibility of adding a color in baked paint.


Intricately styled steel (additional $400) - Will definitely give a unique look to your table with an intricate serif custom made in steel for your table.


In wood - Legs made to measure in wood by our experienced cabinetmaker, generally for our table La Farmhouse but can also be made for our other table models. Possibility of making other models on request. 


Adding extension cords

It is possible to add 12-inch extensions to some models of our tables for an additional $300 per extension. The characteristics of the extensions will be the same as your table.


Nano ceramic protection

For heavy-duty furniture (commercial use for example), it is possible to add an extra protection of a thin layer of nano ceramic to increase the durability of your wooden furniture and add vibrancy to the color. Charges applicable according to the size of the furniture and available on certain table models only.