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Atelier Arbor

The Industrial Farmhouse - Solid wood table with steel legs and crosspiece

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Wood essence

Our tables The Industrial Farmhouse is made of pine or maple with a crosspiece on each end of the table assembled with tenons and mortises. The elegance of this essence with the touch of steel and the massive beam that passes through the base give an exceptional look!

We have a multitude of customization options for your table, see all the details on this page: Personalization of your table.

WidthThe width will vary between 36 inches and 42 inches depending on your taste. We can make larger upon request at additional cost.

texture and colorWe offer 3 types of textures: Silky (smooth), Rural (medium-coarse) and Barbaric (coarse). We offer a multitude of possibilities for coloring your table and this service is included in the purchase price. 

Thickness: There are 2 possible thicknesses with this table model. In maple 2 inch (1 3/4" finished) or 3 inch pine (2 1/2" finished)

Poorly: X in matt black steel and solid beam in the center.

Banc d'appoint: You can add a side bench to your table. The characteristics of the bench will be the same as your table (legs and colors). If you would like to add a side bench, please visit this link. You will have a 25% discount with the purchase of a table. 

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