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Atelier Arbor

La Noyer Noir - Custom black walnut table

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Our table The Black Walnut is unique in its natural color of walnut wood which is quite rare and sought after. This table brings a luxurious look to any decor. 

We have a multitude of customization options for your table, see all the details on this page: Personalization of your table.

WidthThe width will vary between 36 inches and 42 inches depending on your taste. We can do larger however there will be additional costs.

Texture and colorWe offer 3 styles of textures: silky (smooth), rural (medium rough) and barbarian (raw). We offer a multitude of possibilities for coloring your table and this service is included in the purchase price. 

Border and thickness: The thickness of our tables is 2 inches (1 3/4 "finished) and possibility of having thicker ($). The border is straight but we can do with" Live edge ". We can also add a border will give an even more massive look.

Base: Made of steel or wood and possibility of adding a baked paint color for the steel legs. See all the possible styles on our personalization page. 

Banc d'appoint: You can add a side bench to your table. The characteristics of the bench will be the same as your table (legs and colors). If you want to add a booster bench, please visit this link. You will have a 25% discount with the purchase of a table. 

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